Sunday, October 24, 2010

Ecofriendly - Limited Dryer Usage

Today is my big laundry day of the week.

I made a commitment on yesterday to reduce my use of the clothes dryer.

Today was the big test. 

I thought it would be uber time consuming, stressful and frustrating. It was none of those things. I think I ended up fully using the dryer to dry a load of towels and a half load of underwear and socks. I also used the dryer (with a timer) to get the main wrinkles out of my work clothes before hanging them to dry.

I liked this so much I might actually install a clothesline in the basement. My HOA won't allow an outdoor one, but that's no reason to stop me from trying indoors and the basement would be out of the way. Kind of defeats the purpose of having a main floor laundry room, but perhaps, for the benefit of the Earth (and my body), it wouldn't hurt me to traipse up and down the stairs a few times a day. 

I also asked for a clothes drying rack on our Kansas City Freecycle Network. 

I will say, though, that I'm glad it's a Sunday because our schedule is slow. That comes in handy because I have jeans hanging all over the kitchen chairs, blouses hanging on hangers from the handles of the kitchen cabinets, and pajama pants spread out on the kitchen table.  If this were a typical weekday, it would be a little more challenging.

But, all in all, Dryer Reduction Day was a success!


  1. Kimberly, so glad it worked out for you. Thank you for visiting my blog, I'm your newest follower!
    My Meddling Mind

  2. It's the little things isn't it? Once you start, you'll love it so much, you won't go back. :-)

  3. Intersting post sweetie! I was thinking...maybe we can follow each other?! XoXo